PowerPoint Outlines

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation tool that is a must for every business.  It provides facilities to produce slide shows, overhead projections and superb printouts.  Training starts with simple presentation techniques and progresses to produce a presentation that uses features such as media clips, sound and photos.


These outlines are guides only.  Any course can be customised to suit

The Default Screen
The Toolbars
Slide Views
Changing Views
Slide Show
Master Slide
Creating Bullet Slides
Using Formatting Options
Saving a Presentation
Creating a Chart
Creating an Organisation Chart
Inserting an Object
Slide Builds
Slide Transition
Hiding Slides
Moving Slides
Copying Slides
Working in Outline View
Working in Slide Sorter View
Exporting an Outline into Word
Changing Backgrounds
Adding Designs
Including Sounds
Adding Movie Clips
Using Action Buttons
Exporting on to a Web Page
Creating a Custom Template
Creating Notes Master
Saving PowerPoint to Disk
Setting Timings
Using the Loop Feature
Embedding and Linking Objects
Using the Drill Down Feature
Using the Pen Option
Creating Hyperlinks
Running a Slide Show
Using Animation Effects
Creating a Templates
Using the Menu Options
Creating a Meeting Minder
Using Hyperlinks

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