The follow video is about Microsoft Access Form Controls and related tables used in Forms.

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Access Tab Controls

The Access tab control feature is a great resource and helps users populate forms in a tidy easy to use format. This video demonstrates how to add the tab control and edit the labels and embed tables amongst other things.

Option groups

The video explains how to use the Forms option group control to add numerical data to an underlying table. The tutor explains a quick way to add additional option group control and change the properties.

Related tables in Forms

The video explains how to use the wizard to create a form with related tables. The database used has related tables, which when the form wizard is used, the form displays both related tables. The tutor shows this as well as how to create a manual form with two related tables.

Search Box

The video shows how to add a combo box and set it to search field information. This box can be used as a lookup field which I would normally do at table design level but there is an option to add it to a form if it has not been done at the table level. This example however uses the combo box as a find feature.